Sunday, September 2, 2012

Three shorts of a kind

The Economist
Advising the FM's cell
Looked out of his Porsche Boxster
To see the delay
Caused by a BMC dumper
Clearing the garbage

Irked, he was

By the five pariahs, barking
Much like the high and mighty
When their subsidies were denied

Two felines gaze
Till he hisses
Swishes his tail, erect
Trudges off with a meow

She says
What do you mean
You can't come for a cappuccino
With me

Our pinds
Match not

Says he hopping from
Tree to tree

My husband is not drunk
He is simply inebriated with life
She says

Hoping he will have a drink with her
At least once
Before cirrhosis scars his insides

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