Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Balivadham: Moral of the story

Of all lies
Love is the most untrue

In the forests of Kishkindha
Love is what Thara feels
As she forewarns Bali
She pleads
Fight not Sugreeva

Brave boastful Bali
Had never conceded a battle
His heart thumps even now
Like an adolescent
When Thara enters his chamber
With turmeric perfume 
Her lily 
Clinging to her hair
All of which will be crushed
By mythology

Bali scratches
His armpits with toe-nails
No truth in what Thara says
Just perception

Bali the braggart is scared
(Is he?)
He will lose Thara
To Sugreeva

Stares in the mirror
What he sees is not a vanquisher
Of Indra, nor a reflection of Narasimhavatharam
His fore-arms want to be the master of what it does
Will it churn the Palazhi ocean
Will the formidable fists grip the mountain Mandara and serpent Vasuki
To extract amrutha

The devas and asuras
Have forgotten this tale
Not the mirror
Who has heard this tale from Bali a million times

Thara sees
She sees quite a lot
For what a wife sees
The husband can't comprehend

It troubles Bali
This deplorable mania of doubt
It exhausts Bali
These days, he doubts everything
Even his own doubts

Bali battles Sugreeva
Even though he knows he will be comprehensively dead
The gods have conspired
Stubbornly, as they always do

Or is it Bali's fate?
The more he peers over the edge of the cliff
Looking at the abyss
At the bottom of the ravine he sees an inexpressible idol
It is called eternity

Thara understands
She says: Beware
The more the gods advance, the more humanity is degraded
By then Bali is dead inside a dust-storm

Off stage Thara sobs
The gods hear her whisper
Her aide hushes her
The gods (especially that younger hot-blooded one)
May take offence

That's when Thara utters her curse
Don't ask a cow to lay eggs
Gods for justice
Life for happiness
A husband for love

The epistemologist states
Bali did manage love
Didn't he?

Well almost
That's why they say
To be in love with your own wife
Is to be Bali-ed

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