Monday, September 3, 2012

Salutations, O Ganesha

Hello Supreme One, you’ve returned
To Ganesh Galli, Tejukaya Mansion, Chinchpokli
Please come to Khetwadi and Kumbharwada, too
Where for one year, I’ve waited for you

See this old gelatinous hole inside a brick wall
On Sankashti, I sketched your curved trunk with a chalk
Created a 30-feet tall idol with my hands and bamboo shoots
You won’t topple even if Karthikeya, puts stones in your route

See, how I’ve made your jewellery shine like million suns
My blind father taught this to me, his surviving son
To hand-paint your skin with vegetable dyes
Pencils, paint brushes and bhakti (on the side)

May you shower your blessings on everyone
Particularly the 80 sculptors who create you with mud
My jobless friends in Podar and Swadeshi Mill
Who want you to kindly remove all obstacles

Oh my lord of lords, the greatest of idols
Stop being idle, and please do your thing
Always and forever support our activities
Our endeavours during the season's festivities

Or else I’ll paint your eyes cock-eyed
O Ganesha

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