Thursday, September 20, 2012

A fairy tale ending

A passion for order
For symmetry
Everything trignometrically placed
Not to be shifted
Like Aryabhatta
A passion for zero-precision

Like her Umma
She wanted
A world, un-unruly
Everything fixed

Love (and husband) at first glance
When she had a bath in the river, a bandish played
When the evil kaka spoke, she heard snake hiss and scorpions slithering
No homework was accompanied by gales and hailstorms
Champa-mogra fell from the sky
When she painted a rangoli

Everything picture perfect

An orderly quest for beauty
All well
Kerchiefs ironed
Hair polished
Navel shampooed
Mind manicured

Then one day
A gaze
Of ugliness
A frog requests for a kiss
As she rushes to her odissi-class
She reciprocates
Frog puts tongue in her throat
Flesh on flesh

A realisation (finally?)
There exists a new world

Life stands still
An end to fairy tales
To happy songs

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