Sunday, May 19, 2013

On the day of Ashaad

In Dwarka
She scrubs
Broken utensils
Hums a bhajan
The Gomti tells her
Meera, stop your singing
No one can understands your words
Any more

I was about to do Surya Namaskar
But the sun did pranayama to me

What if Tulsidas visited Pandharpur
What if Tukaram wrote the Ramayana
Would the gods be wronged
Would they have behaved better

In the beginning
When there were no days
Nor nights
The universe said to planet earth
I'm omnipotent, I am omnipresent

Our planet
Which we inhabit
Got irritated by this pomposity
It invented the horizon
To halt the universe
And its constellations of stars
In its track every morning

Lord Vishnu looked at his wife
The goddess of wealth and said
I'm married to you
Why am I not rich
Like Kubera

She replied, stop collecting the sorrows of the human race

Never abuse the wind, they say
Its enters your lung
Conspires with the air
Causes asthma, bad breath
And smelly gas in the body

To Mathura I went
On the day of Ashaad
Yamuna, I couldn't see
Wait, she said
I am changing my saree
The blouse is too tight

Then she turned to me
With her hair wild
Her tears, flowing
Do you love me?

I wiped her eyes and said, I do
But why have the kadamba trees abandoned your shore
She said, everyone fears me
They prefer the Ganges

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