Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few headlines for today

The headline in today's newspaper
Three new leaves on the ferns
I will wash them with my tears
They who know not yesterday


Barefoot they walked
Hand in hand

(Technically, its her little finger between his forefinger and thumb)
For hundreds of years
Till their hands are permanently glued


The sea tells me, it has been enslaved with all the salt in its water, and can I help it achieve liberty by getting rid of it


The majestic old tree has fallen
Its testicles uprooted
A headache in its stomach
What hurts him most, as he lies in the dust
Is the indifference of fellow trees
Who have abandoned all hope

And in the dawn
As I walk toward the waves
All is quiet

I hear no sound
The waves inform me
Worry not, we are merely changing the CD

Salutations, Blackie says to me
He looks drunk on the floor
He looks at my apparition
We say farewell to each other, silently

He knows, and so do I
A grave awaits one of us

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