Friday, March 23, 2012

All the way from Chola to Angkor Wat


The actors at Hanuman Theatre
When will they perform
If they perform, again

I wait for the bus
In the hope the bus will wait for me

The fishermen of Weligama
Perched on stilts
Balance their bodies
In the sea waves

This is the definition of fishing in Sri Lanka

Life is simple
If you're planting rice crop
One day before the monsoon rain

Dust storm, dust storm
Please go away
Before the dust from your storm
Blinds my eyes

I welcome the pilgrim
What do you want?
I seek to re-build civilisation, says the pilgrim
I offer him a fire to warm his hand

Widow says marry me
The monk starts to meditate in his monastery
Till it is Holi

Now, the monk can't recognise the widow beneath the red face-paint

I want Ganga Jal from the Ghats of Varanasi
Till then Coca Cola from Bodh Gaya will do

The one thing the inhabitants
At the Jokhang Temple
Wish to do
Vote in a free and fair election in Lhasa

My wife and I want to cycle
Should we cycle, singly
Or double seat
All the way from Chola to Angkor Wat

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