Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Smallest river in the world

I've four types of friends
Those with whom time passes by quickly
Those with whom I've roamed the suburban streets
Those that I owe money
Those that are not here
Their lies I miss the most

I spotted a koyal
Who sat on a coconut tree 
Your sur have you found it?
Still waiting, the koyal said

The government
Has issued a death threat
To all droughts
In this land

The world
Has entered my room
Through a concupiscence crack
In the roof

In my village they call rabi crops: bliss
When they sell it
In the mandi
It is at the wholesale rate

A stream flows through my home
I measure it every day
It's tide, it's birth place, it's final source
It's sweetness

Today morning, I dip a bucket into it
To borrow water for my monthly bath
This loss, according to unconfirmed reports
Will ensure
It shall be declared
As the smallest river in the world 

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