Thursday, April 4, 2013

Five thoughts for the day

1. I think, my family is full of black sheep. I am the only white sheep in my family 

2. I think, I should stop using a smartphone since it contains Cotlan which is a mineral that funds paramilitary operations that prop up illegal governments in Central America 

3. I think, I should seek sponsorship that enables me to travel to Mars and permanently etch a :-) on its surface; so that it's visible from planet earth and serves to improve the general human happiness index

4. I think, someplace somewhere, a Scottish villager, a Buddhist family, the mistress of a football manager, a Wall Street swindler, an Indonesian billionaire, a Russian corporate executive and an international arms dealer are listening to the same Joan Baez song 

5. I think, I live one day at a time; during the nights I asthamise

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