Wednesday, April 10, 2013

20 Resolutions for Gudi Padwa

1) Be prepared for a 4-D world. If that's not possible make a joke about it

2) Morph bad ideas into good ideas; prevent the vice versa

3) If my brain forgets an idea, be able to re-boot; and recover lost file. On that note: Ensure file transfer with like-minded brains

4) Be able to entertain myself through by conversing with self on Skype

5) Be prepared for a 5-D world

6) Send post-cards to the dead people I love

7) Have X-ray vision that helps me judge a book by its cover; and people by their fake smiles

8) Get away with flatulence in office meetings and family dinners

9) Remember birthdays; and be able to gift people with what they want; and wrap presents in a gift wrapper nicely

10) Always decipher jargon at the first attempt

11) Day dream on command; discover a cure for cancer

12) Master the art of talking to a microphone; which is what great public speakers do

13) Be prepared for a 13-D world; and when it arrives wonder how Satan will look like in a 13-D world?

14) Never blurt out wrong things when I meet famous people

15) Dart between sun-rays; on a warm day

16) Always perfect the art of being in the right lane without having a PhD in neuroscience

17) Be able to read "Quantum Evolution" by Jonjoe McFadden; and not spill the popcorn when I turn the pages

18) Develop an anti-prejudice sound-field that jams unpleasantness

19) Ensure my cellphone replies to calls and sms on its own; through high levels of consciousness

20) Be prepared for a 20-D world; even if that sounds like tosh, right now


Unknown said...

Waaaaaah ji Waaaa....

Swetal Kanwalu said...
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Swetal Kanwalu said...

We can't have revolutions in our country .. because revolutions need like minded people .. we can never have that ... plus we are known (even in Harvard Univ.) for our JUGAAD ... we manage .. we are use to it ..