Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Five shorts of sorts

The blacks, they laugh; the whites, they frown
Ambidexterous emotions are for the browns

When you do a rotation
Inter-change the notation
The blacks become white
All wrong becomes right
Judgement is a see saw
All rules are vice versa

O citizens at homes, prisons and stations
In this way, we formed The United Nations

No cloud in the sky
For seven years
The grass is migrating

How to launch
A stock exchange
That hedges on poverty
Thereby creating zero dilemma for brokers
Who are simply confused
If investing in the poor is good
Rather than the rich as a collateral

Oh, it would be so onerous to make money

If life is a great big blockbuster
I'm not the star
Never can be
Not even the extra
Who does three shifts sans pay
I could apply for the role
Of a prompter
Who writes his own lines
Intermittently interjecting them
In someone else's side-story

My father aims to be
Environmentally friendly
Henceforth, he will operate
On solar energy

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