Saturday, October 13, 2012

Five ditties

Once I was a yellow coloured chair
Upon me sat an enormous sloth bear
I told him: please sit on the floor
Instead, he showed me the door
Told me to start behaving like a sofa

The glacier it told the sun
I'm not having any fun
I've something important to say
Could you send cooler rays
Its becoming kind of warm

Past, present and future decided to have a fight
About who is more relevant, and who is right
Past said, if not for me, you wouldn't be born
Present said, ultimately it's all about today morn
Future, his brow it started to furrow
He said: I'll give an answer day after tomorrow
The lion hummed a tragic ballad
Of how his diet was restricted to a salad
My girlfriend wants me to be less mean
She has ordered me: "go green"
I still prefer shredded lamb to brinjal

A line and a circle were having a conversation
While sipping a cup of tea at the railway station
The line said: a line should be quite fine
Why then try to read between the lines
The circle said: I really don't understand why
The zero was invented along with the Pi
Exchanging geometrics, they watched the rain
Holding hands, they boarded the local train

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