Friday, January 26, 2007

My second encounter with the peacock

The peacock saw me slice a papaya
Why eat that, he asked
I'm not very picky about food
Neither am I. My ancestors were scavengers
Mine were Brahmins
What is this Brahmin?
Never mind
Alright, he said

There was silence
I thought, he was hurt
You want a pizza?
With some tomato sauce and yogurt?
No, he replied

He mooched a small snake
That crossed our path
I was excited: Is that a poisonous or a non poisonous snake?
He looked up
It's a reptile

The snake slithered and escaped
Through his beak
Leaving the peacock
With two small insects
For lunch

I told him
You can't go on like this
You should try the free home delivery
From the local take-away

He studied the menu
Then asked, what is this tofu?

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