Monday, January 29, 2007

My sixth encounter with the peacock

I was plucking wild grass
What you doing?, the peacock
Hopped beside me and asked
Cutting dandelions and weeds with this sickle
They tend to grow
Growing is not good?
Yes, look at this crabgrass, for instance, it tends to overtake everything and cover the path
At night it is cumbersome to walk
Which means it needs constant trimming
That's what I am doing

You need a mower, instead of the sickle, he said
Ok, I said
Measure the pH level of the soil
Ok, I said
Your grass is 18.67% wild. That is a good ratio
Ok, I said
The protein and nitrogen content is healthy
Ok, I said
Now sit down, have a tumbler of cool chaas

I did
Wiping the sweat off my body with a handwoven towel
I understood why
Peacocks don't sweat

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