Monday, January 29, 2007

My seventh encounter with the peacock

The peacock sniffles
In my khadi kerchief
He blows his nose in it
Still no effect
He wheezes
I've muscle cramps here
Nausea between my ears

I offer him Corex syrup
He is addicted
Suffers from withdrawal symptoms

I enrol him into a local Alcohol Anonymous group
Detox sessions, twice a week
As a syrupy Corex addict
He loves the Benadryl-wallahs (too impaired)
Hates the Phensedyl-wallahs (too diarrhoeaic)

What about your eosinophilia, I ask?
Uncured, he replies irritably
Has two more tea-spoons
Smacks his lips
Tastes so yum

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