Thursday, February 1, 2007

My tenth encounter with the peacock


I visited the bank

The peacock followed me
The chowkidar prevented him from entering it
He screeched
I came running back
What happened?
He can't enter said the chowkidar
Why, asked I
He has no money said the chowkidar
What is money? asked the peacock
Something you and I don't have, said the chowkidar

That's how the peacock sat on the chair
Beside the chowkidar
Outside the bank


When I stepped out
Why do you visit such places, he asked

I told him
About banks, savings, bonds, interest rates, loans

He heard me
So you've applied for a loan?
Why do you want a loan?

To buy property
What happens, if you can't repay the loan?
In the event of a loan default, they can seize my property, I replied
Quoting from the rule book

So you will be landless
Yes, I said
This is hopeless, he said

We walked in silence
Had a cup of tea on the way
He broke the silence
I want a loan

For what?
Does one need a reason?
The bank officer will ask for it
I want to check if the system works

Can you arrange it?
Yes, you
What's your surety?

My feathers
I don't think the authorities will recognise it
Why not, they are there for everyone to see
That's not how banks work
This is hopeless, he said
For the second time in the day

Besides you can't sign
What is a sign, he asked
Do you know how to hold a pen?
No, he said

Some more silence

I swallowed my tea
He spat his tea at my feet

I think Sumerian clay tablets are better than your bank

Saying so, he flew away
Flapping his feathers
Like a rainbow in the sky

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