Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My 22nd encounter with the peacock

Glow-worms doing their thing
A blade of grass breaking through the hard terrain
The peacock and I sit
Listening to the transistor

He says: All these songs go zig zag
Meaning what?
These lyrics that describe falling in love
But no word that means love
Well, I said

It's all very pernicious, he says
Meaning what, I say again
Will you walk up to a beautiful lady and say
Can I've love?

I suppose no
The beautiful lady may give me one tight slap across my face
Aha, says the peacock
You're a nomenclaturist

What is that meant to be
You, who claim to be master of your language, are trapped
By what?
This language you've created has become your master, says the peacock
You're obsessed by the idea that words mean things
Your days are numbered

That's why you're speechless now
So I am

I could say a word, any word
The peacock got up
To dance a beguiling dance
While Pavarotti roared about love

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