Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random Ramblings about Mary Quant who did invent the mini skirt


The greatest invention on the planet
(According to a girlfriend who, repeatedly, thrashed me in badminton)
is Mary Quant's invention of the mini skirt

The well-known Malayali author is dead
His fans weep
A former student writes a never-ending obituary

His wife is most happy
She does not have to prepare cups of tea
She does not have to sharpen his pencil set
She does not have to grease the ball-bearings of the aging swing on which the great author, thought

His publisher scratches his pate, and says what a great man, sir
Finally one copy of the great author's book will sell

Millions of activists
Gathered in the capital
In order to press their charter of demands
That included
Non stop supply of
Ganja, arrack, cheroot, state lottery tickets, tapioca chips

Plus whores who delivered
A discourse on democracy
Every time they were screwed

Of lighting the diya
The VIP tripped
Inauspiciously fell down

And all of Saraswati's Vandana
Could not lift him up again

It's quite umm extraordinary
Said the Trotsykite
To the Marxist
How the umm movement has collapsed

The Leninist nodded

So did the Socialist
Who rubbed his stomach, anti-clockwise
And burped
Revolution Zindabad

That's when
The Maoist told the Stalinist
Lets burn the Parliament
Lets overthrow the Government
Lets Kranti

The others silenced him
We speak of the bowel movement
The most popular movement of our times
Among our people

Saying so
They scrambled to the bathroom
To sit on the potty

He was thrown
Out of school
For day-dreaming

The class-master didn't believe
He could decipher complex arithmetical algorithms
From patterns
The clouds made in the sky

Early morning
After a good shit in the fields

The villagers laid siege on the river bank
Armed with petitions
And axes

Rubbed their eyes in horror
One seeing how the government babus
Had a permanent redressal to their grievances

Instead of river water
They released paal payasam
From the local dam


Unknown said...

One and four are A1, first class.

Unknown said...

Would 4 were true! 5 is Swiftian scatology while 6 is audibly Auden.