Saturday, April 23, 2011

An abhang she sang


He told me, and I agree
If elections in this country would be truly democratic
Voting will be declared illegal

When the 20 year old died
We couldn't take our eyes off
His young mother who wailed
Tore her hair off

We shut our ears
To her cacophony
(Almost woke up the boy)

All through the night
She recited the most exquisite

The century-old songs of wisdom
Putting the boy to sleep, forever
Once and for all

There are two kinds of people
Those who bathe religiously; and those who religiously bathe
I belong to neither

When her grand-mother
Heard the verdict
She vigorously shook her mane
Tapped her skull

Her lord
Resided inside, in there

If they knew
They would send a mob
Smash her brain
Jail her lord
Inside a brick and mortar cage

Where her prayers
Would be contaminated by summons
From the Highest Court in the Land

On bent knees
He proposed to her
With a red emerald-cut diamond

He awaits her reply

The matter is sub judice
For two decades

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