Monday, April 2, 2007

My 33rd encounter with the peacock

Can peacocks dream
I don't know, I replied
When the peacock asked me this question
I looked up from the newspaper
That reported how Charles Ingabire
An online editor
Was shot dead in Kampala

That night I dreamt
Three mini dreams

The peacock
Entering Zara Zara
Purchases a trench coat and parkas
To cover his nakedness

The peacock visiting
Montparnasse Cemetery
Points out Beckett's grave
Such a lot of fuss over the dead
He says

What are those?
Tombstones to lock the dead
He asks
What if I fly away
That's why the Hindus burn their dead
On a wooden pyre with ghee

The peacock is tried in a court
By a Hutu and a Tutsu
In Kigali
For being a peacock

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