Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A few things about depression

The weather is bed ridden
Clouds, are semi suicidal
Birds on benzodiazepines
The drizzle is black in colour

Trees depressed
Leaves sad, in a way
The breeze moans
Extreme euphoria, followed by a painful low

Wish life was simplistically redemptive
OCD and phobias forsaken by Fluoxetine
Reading Hamlet is a consolation of sorts
A smile at the end, a cure for the worries

Our planet suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome
It yawns all the time, its diet is in doldrums
Does not get out of bed - watches thrash TV
With an acupuncturist, its health is improving

We try reiki, reflexology and hypericum
Sometimes its the Ravel Piano Concerto in G
We even try a bit of religion - and alcohol
In the hope that the two souls in the breast, shall bloom

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