Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ten terrifying thoughts for today

Ten terrifying thoughts for today
1. If meaninglessness was a currency, we would be the richest country in the world.

2. Is India still Third World? Or are we part of the 2.5 World, now?

3. Perhaps one way to become 2.5 is get pigeons to airdrop currency in every village in the country. I feel this will be a better multiplier than subsidies; plus it will stimulate the economy.

4. Perhaps the problem is that the government quit being a government long ago. Perhaps it's very simple. The Government needs a new pair of spectacles. It's vision is blurring.

5. Perhaps the Congress and BJP would be doing India a favour by becoming each other for a day; instead of combating one another. Unless they are already doing it; and that's why we have this gridlock.

6. They say, there's a new Godzilla in town. It's called The Bureaucrat. His primary job is not to add any real value and create complications; and use words like historically and Keynesian and ten trillion in one sentence.

7. One super bright idea: Lets waive taxes to all Indian billionaires. Unless some super bright civil bureaucrat has already implemented this super bright idea.

8. Perhaps the brightest Indians are offshore; like most of our money.

9. What if ad agencies created free campaigns about really smart people and propagated their really smart ideas? Will that change things? Or confuse us further? For instance: The election commissioner should distribute condoms to CEOs of parties before the next election; so that political parties don't give birth to newer political parties.

10. Meanwhile for those of us who don't know what to do, can run their fingernails on a blackboard; and cause generic annoyance. Or attend the next toddy party.

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