Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three Manasvi Poems

Manasvi Poem 1.

Once upon a time and the time is now
I am in a train to my parent's gaon
Travel up-north to my home in Dharampur
D'pur is it’s pet name; and it has a nice sur

Here, dust and donkeys are available for free
A hill called Mohangadh which spreads religious glee
Why this is so, I never quite knew why
But hey, in D'pur we have the world's best sky

There is a planetarium; a museum for music
So many doctors; that no one is ever sick
A statue of Shrimad Rajchandra to do a Namaskar
All the town needs now, is a really fancy bar

Manasvi Poem 2.

You’re such a pain, Mr Pig-ling,
Swallowing all kinds of things,
Whether it is plastic or paper
And behaving like a king

I wish you ate some grass
And like a cow you mooed
Instead of eating Papa's medical book
Which was bound together by glue

Piglingn of Dpur, please mend your ways
And start to behave like your herd
I am an engineer now, heed to what I’ve to say
Or I’ll make you eat your pigling words!!!

Manasvi Poem 3.

Once upon a time there was me
Well … my name is Manasvi
As is plain to see

The day I was born was the day I appeared
Though I don’t remember how I was reared
Like all babies that are born I went boo-hoo-hoo;
That's when I wished I could quite simply YAHOO.

Faffling; Baltering; Soodling; ZXLOTCH,
Sossing; Rundle; Tiddle; SPLOTCH
My right side up. And upside down
I wish I could get rid of this permanent frown

This to me is how the world appears
Such a disconcerting place, oh dear, oh dear
Manasvi Can’t Yahoo – either there or here
In spite of the fun and games - I've a fear

Atul and Manipal and idiorhythmic
What came first, the egg or chick?
Barcelona and Krakow and arthropod
Whatever happens, I'll never pray to god

Columbia or Harvard; Hippemolgoi
Star World; Computer Science; endomorphi
When will I Yahoo? Come on, give me a date?
Or will this world move on, at such a fast rate?

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