Monday, June 13, 2011


When he was shot dead

The PM sent a letter to the CM
The CM sent a letter to the Deputy CM
The Deputy CM sent a letter to the Home Minister
The Home Minister sent a letter with a RSVP to the top cops

One of whom got transferred to arms control

On cue
Four under-paid scribes went underground

A few wept copiously
Hundreds protested

That's when you realised
Beneath the banter of Old Monk and Thums Up
At the Press Club
There exists a world where nothing is quite what it seems to be

And basically how totally fucked up we are


dt said...

So true...

Priyanka Borpujari said...

...and we call ourselves upholders of truth
...and we drink, drive then bribe
...and we want the best scoop
...and before the hysterical editor we stoop
...and we dance upon our bylines
...and dance upon any death that will fetch us that byline.