Monday, December 10, 2007

In appreciation of Astad Deboo’s work


For many years
I sought treasures
In far-away lands, across the seas in celestial palaces
I hoped to become a rich man

For many years I read the Holy Texts, and even Nagarjuna
Exchanged views with a sage on a hill-top
I hoped to become a very wise man

I searched for wisdom in the books of the world

Until, one day I met a solitary old tree
Who had grown wise
Accumulating treasures of leaves.

Everyday, I devour my meal:
Of wheat and millet
Organic plants and spices
Which praise the earth
For generating invaluable fortunes

Which one day, I vow to return to Her.

I had no place I could call my home
I am a citizen of the world
I have no address
I am a visitor on this planet
I am merely passing through
In the hope that I would befriend someone, anyone
On this trip.

A prophecy was murmured in my sleep!
Remember: The tranquility which surrounded Thyagaraja’s head
Was not the end
It was the beginning of music

Every time my friends ask me for the road into the sea
I show them a path
They don’t see it
Maybe they don’t want to…
Maybe they cannot sense the goodness of the waves
From the distant shore

The man
With the calliper
Could not enter the Sea
And swirl along with
He sat on the shore
He dreamt about make-believe
Creatures who whirled out of the foam
In the dark of night
To play children games with him

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